2 in 1 New Version Rechargeable Camping Light UltraBright Led Tent Hanging Lamp Solar Lighitng Portable Lantern for Camping/Hiking/Camping/Emerencies Charging for Mobilephone

New version rechargeable solar camping lantern, cam as a camping lantern when you pull up, and as a regular handheld flashlight it's in the bottom

Equipped with USB output charging a USB device, suitable for camping, reading, fishing, car repairs and other outdoor activities

There is no need batteries because the solar rechargeable camping lantern has built in rechargeable batterie

Rechargeable Camping Lantern, 60 Lumens, super bright,

Top solar design,solar charging,environmental protection,close to nature,innovative fashion


1. Handles pull the lantern open and then snap nicely into place when you close it 

2. The pull-out function is very smooth and easy and the flashlight has its own handle 

3. The flashlight portion is very bright, easily projects 200 feet or more 

4. The most beautiful is that it also has a flashlight in the bottom and the battery life is good 

5. To also work on cars and its small and lightweight and the gold color looks nice 

6. You can charge it with the USB cable that comes with it or with the solar panel on top 

7. No need to be replacing batteries all the time good for kids and adults plus easy to carry 

8. Very convenient to use, to turn on you have to pull it up and to close push it down 


1. Material: transparent plastic PC / ABS 

2. Diameter:7cm 

3. High:15-20cm(20when pull up) 

4. Weight: 335g 

Kindly warning: 

Dc charging do not use a mobile phone charging in order to avoid too much electricity damage the phone. 

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Camping Lantern WW-7088

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