• Universal design suitable for almost any sofa or chair
  • Includes 5 pockets, one magazine slot and a fixed tray
  • Strong, damp-proof material

We know the feeling, you’ve JUST sat down and then you realise you haven’t got your glasses, or the remote, or the TV guide. Don’t wallow there in self-pity, wondering why you didn’t organise your downtime more effectively, but don’t be a slave to hunting for your TV-watching essentials either. This handy arm rest organiser is the only companion you need for that movie marathon – or at least you can tell yourself that as you sit scoffing popcorn alone.

Instead of pulling one of those awkward-sized coffee tables to the side of the couch, sling this ingenious design over the arm chair to make use of the 5 small compartments and large magazine slot for storing your essentials. Snacking out during your favourite soap? The tray on top will balance your food and drink for easy reach when engrossed in good telly.

Following in the revolutionary steps of the universal remote control, this universal size fits almost any arm rest with its versatile design. Made from robust and damp-proof material for years of use, you’ll no longer be losing your glasses and the remote down the back of the sofa. This is the perfect present for coach potatoes or TV multi-taskers who love a good lightbulb idea.

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Sofa Couch Armrest Organiser

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