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Get rid of blackheads with the ultimate blackhead suction remover. HailiCare Comedo Suction Beauty Device provides a professional spa like treatment which can be experience at the luxury of your own home!

  • Comes with USB charging making it perfect trips making recharging easy and convenient!
  • Great for blackhead removal, treatment for the sagging skin, wrinkles, and provides skin rejuvenation.
  • Five different levels for different skin type.
  • Package includes the followingBeauty machine, diamond head, big hole head, small hole head,  oval hole head, power adapter, and user manual.


  • Best used after a hot shower or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores. 
  • According to your requirements, choose a tip and connect it to the device. 
  • Press the power button and choose intensity of suction. Start with the lowest setting. 
  • Hold and move it back and forth for 1-2 minutes MAX when using it for the first time.


Always begin by using the product with the lowest intensity of suction. DO NOT start with a high intensity, as it can lead to bruises and rednessIt is completely normal to have light bruising for the first two days of use. Your skin will return normal later on. It is normal for any effective system to cause some form of discomfort before you see results. Please don’t get discouraged by the light bruises.

How long will it take before I see visible results?

Typically, It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks of 3 treatments per week to see visibly significant results. Please give it time and care. Always keep your skin moisturized! Reminder once again: It gets slightly worse before it gets better! But it’s worth it! Light bruising and redness is completely normal in the beginning!

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Comedo Suction Beauty Device

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