Fast, Easy & Safe Way To Trim & File Your Nails.

Safely clipping and filing your nails has never been easier than with the new Roto Clipper electric nail trimmer. The Roto Clipper provides a smooth, even finish every time you trim or file your nails. This is due to its durable, powerful beveled blades that spin at 700 RPM. One side of the blade trims, while the other files staying entirely safe to the touch!

The Roto Clipper also sports a cordless ergonomic design making it remarkably easy to use. Great for seniors and safe for kids, now grooming your nails won't feel like the most tedious task in the world. When finished the Roto Clipper collects the residue in its removable head which makes for easy clean up without making a mess of your floors or carpets. All you'll be left with are smooth nails with a beautiful even finish.


  • Battery-powered nail trimmer and filer in one
  • Safe, quick and easy
  • Provides a smooth, even finish every time
  • Say goodbye to nail clippers
  • Dual-sided – one side trims, the other files
  • Safe to touch - recessed beveled blades
  • Powerful – blades spin at 700 RPM
  • Built in light for precision trimming
  • Easy cleaning – removable head
  • Cordless – (2) AA batteries
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Great for seniors and safe for kids

What's Included:

1 x Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer
1 x Removable head
1 x Cleaning brush

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Roto Clipper Manicure Tool Electric Nail Trimmer

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