Q7 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 

The  Q7 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (Gold) is a portable microphone that has its own KTV audio processing system. It has high quality audio and can be connected easily via Bluetooth. You can connect to mobile phones, either iOS or Android.

Resembling a full sized microphone with a big fat cube stuck in it, the Q7 comes packaged with its own protective case, a charging cable (micro USB), an 3.5mm audio jack to micro USB cable and a small instructions manual thats all in simplified Chinese. All I can figure out from the manual is that a full charge will take you 8 hours, and the internal batteries will give you 5-8 hours of singing pleasure….thats quite a long range!

  • After pressing this microphone’s power with it turns blue to signal that it is successfully connected to a device via Bluetooth.
  • It is handy and easily rechargeable via USB Cable.
  • You can record with this device if the audio cable is connected.

In addition to the microphone body, as well as the accompanying manual, transmission lines and line recording. Beginning in your hand, will certainly feel it is more heavy than the average microphone more. Mainly because of the construction, metal production accounted for the majority proportion. Including its first three filters can effectively remove the noise, only received part of the human voice. Also part of the center is that it has two 3W speakers, which makes it requires no additional speakers can sound itself. In addition to singing karaoke OK outside, can also be used as a lecture or teaching. In a speech to prepare their own microphone, definitely makes the whole audience as one of the bright. It links way is to use a Bluetooth connection, and for different mobile phone systems, it also has a toggle switch means can always switch between iOS and Android. Intermediate speaker is the position switch and controller. After pressing the power switch will be lit in blue, then they can do with the phone link. After connecting, just open your phone's software K song, the music will sound through the microphone of the speaker. The above four are designed for vocals function, and the bottom of the switch is to adjust the accompaniment of music, when adjusted to the lowest key accompaniment, the accompaniment of music will disappear, and only the sound of a cappella servant. The bottom of the speaker is the Micro USB interface, can be charged via this interface. If you want to use K song recording function software will record your singing voice in, you can use the supplied audio cable, the other end of the phone's headphone jack, so to be able to start recording. I believe you after reading, will feel this way news Q7 K song Artifact - Bluetooth microphone Gold charm of it! Ordinary office workers just put it in your hand, you will forget the work distress and liberation; ordinary college students just put it in my hand, it will become super-crazy college students love to sing; friendship generally like friends as long as it in your hand, you will instantly become a super good best friend!

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Q7 Karaoke Wireless Speaker Microphone

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