The Braked AB Exercise Wheel can effectively build up abdominal muscles, arm, shoulder and upper back muscles while improving the firmness and strength of your upper body. The unique braked Wheel design reduces slip injuries when exercising.

* Exercise wheels with brake design is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their abs, shoulders, arms and back.
* Start looking great, the easy way & Total body exerciser
* Brake reduces slip injuries
* Brake will automatically release when the body moves backward
* Sturdier and stronger support for AB exercises
* Result with Slims, trims & tones abdominal, waist, arms, back & shoulders with dual wheel design for increasing stability
* AB wheel is compact and portable, use it anywhere, anytime
* Just a few minutes a day, in the comfort and convenience of your home/office simply rolling AB wheel forward and backward, you can tone and firm your entire upper body.
* AB wheel is great, you control the degree of your workout by rolling farther or closer to strengthen easily, stretch and firm.
* They can help you reduce your waistline, burn off excess calories.
* Helps to strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms, and back
* Non slip Plastic handles provide a comfortable grip
* Features two wheels for added stability
* Reduce your waistline and burn off excess calories.
* Do a complete body exercise with this Rolling AB wheel.
* Easy for install and dismantle, so that it can be used at home or even travelling.

Color: Green
Dimensions: 7 x 27 cm
Diameter: 14.5 cm
Material: Rubber/Plastic/Metal

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Braked AB Exercise Wheel

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